ISN Prime Composite Numbers 2016-2017 ?>

ISN Prime Composite Numbers 2016-2017

After my ISN setup pages, I always start out with a review of prime composite numbers along with other basic information that my 7th graders should know.  (Many of them have forgotten concepts over the summer and need a refresher.)  These pages are meant as a review but also give me a chance to teach my ISN procedures. Prime Composite Numbers ISN Pages Page one is my left side entry for prime composite numbers.  I let the students work in pairs on…

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ISN Setup Pages 2016-2017 ?>

ISN Setup Pages 2016-2017

I’m in the process of setting up a new ISN for the 2016-2017 school year. In the past, I have not been happy with my ISN setup pages. I found that I spent too much time setting up the ISN and I don’t want to wait valuable instruction time with pages that students will not use throughout the year. The first pages I want the students to have in their ISN (our Math Geek Book) is the scoring rubric. Students…

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Pi Day 2016 ?>

Pi Day 2016

Happy Pi Day! I love doing things for my students and today, Pi Day, is the perfect day to do something fun!  Here is a copy of my Pi Day door sign. Pizza Pi Contest Like all middle school students, my students love to eat!  So, I offered the students a FREE pizza for the person who could recite the most digits in the number Pi.  (You will have to excuse my weird sounding voice, I have a cold. Little…

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One Step Equations Packet ?>

One Step Equations Packet

My 7th grade students are continuing their Algebra unit.  Last week, we conquered algebraic expression and reviewed what they learned in 6th grade about expressions. This week we are moving on to one step equations.  This is a review from their 6th grade year but I know my students will need this to succeed with two-step equations and multi-step equations. I always start one step equations by connecting them to the algebraic expressions my students just learned.  To do this,…

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Algebraic Expressions Packet ?>

Algebraic Expressions Packet

I am SO excited about sharing this Algebraic Expressions Packet!!  It has everything you need to teach algebraic expressions to your students!  It includes ISN pages (foldables). matching cards, graphic organizers to help students identify parts of an expression, find my mistake problems, finding perimeter expression worksheet, QR Code expressions worksheet, 17 practice worksheets, two “finish fable” scavenger hunts, expression relays, and claim it. Day 1: Algebraic Expressions Packet Last week, I started teaching expressions.  My 7th grade students started…

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ISN 2015-2016 – Fractions ?>

ISN 2015-2016 – Fractions

One of the hardest things for my students to understand is fractions.  This year they will be learning about converting fractions to decimals, and they will convert terminating and repeating decimals to fractions.  Complex fractions are also in our pacing guide so I really want the students to have a full understanding of fractions. This section of the ISN has pages to review adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. (There is a review of place value as well.  Runde’s Room…

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ISN 2015-2016 – Triangles ?>

ISN 2015-2016 – Triangles

The ISN pages 15-20 are all about triangles.  Some of this will be a review for the students and some of it will be new.  Page 15 is a graphic organizer – What I Know, What I Learned, Proof of Learning, and What I Think.  Page 16 is a review of side lengths and angles – Isosceles, Equilateral, Scalene, Right, Obtuse, and Acute.  Page 17 reviews vocabulary the students need to know with a matching worksheet.  Page 18 is also…

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ISN 2015-2016 – Setup Pages 1-14 ?>

ISN 2015-2016 – Setup Pages 1-14

I am SO excited about this school year and my new ISN!  I am back in 7th grade!  I will only have one prep which means I can really focus on my 7th graders.  Knowing this, I didn’t want to waste a lot of time this year making the setup pages I’ve used in the past. (personality tests, personality color, etc.) Instead, I decided to teach my rules with review lessons.  I’m planning on having one day to go over…

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Problem Solving Task Cards ?>

Problem Solving Task Cards

Problem Solving Task Cards! I’ve been cleaning out my classroom and reorganizing.  When I emptied my filing cabinet, I found a TON of stuff from my 1999-2000 school year including some old task cards!  I can’t believe I still had all of these things nor could I believe that I hadn’t been using some of the resources. I used problem solving task cards back in the day – although I didn’t call them task cards.  I remember having the students…

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Scatter Plots & Correlation Activities & Notes ?>

Scatter Plots & Correlation Activities & Notes

We are in the middle of state testing but we’re doing it a little different this year.  Students are called out of classes by grade level to take their test on a computer.  That leaves most or all the students in your classroom.  Testing will be going on for three weeks! I first thought, I’m going to need review and filler activities for the students so I’m not teaching the same thing over and over because students weren’t in the…

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