Complex Fractions ISN 2016-2017 ?>

Complex Fractions ISN 2016-2017

Complex fractions can be really easy for my students if they have a solid grasp of dividing fractions.  When the students first see these problems, you can see the panic on their faces!  Once I give a few examples, the students feel much more comfortable.  Especially if they understand dividing fractions! Complex Fractions This is the left side entry.  I always let the students work in pairs or in teams of 3 to solve these problems.  I also require them…

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Multiplying Dividing Fractions ISN 2016-2017 ?>

Multiplying Dividing Fractions ISN 2016-2017

Multiplying dividing fractions is another topic I review at the beginning of the year.  This will be the last review topic for fractions.  On these pages, I give students several strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. Multiplying Dividing Fractions Here I show the students how to use a grid to solve multiplication problems.  Many of my students love solving the problems like this; however, I make it very clear that they will not have time to use this method every…

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions ISN ?>

Adding and Subtracting Fractions ISN

Adding and subtracting fractions is a topic that my students really struggle to understand.  Even though they should come to 7th grade knowing how to work with fractions, they don’t.  It is so important for the students to grasp this concept before getting in to pre-Algebra! I spend the most time on this topic because this is the hardest of operations for the students.  Many of them want to solve these problems the same way they solve multiplication.  Some of them…

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Parts of a Whole ISN 2016-2017 ?>

Parts of a Whole ISN 2016-2017

Fractions are so hard for students to grasp.  I really try to thoroughly review fractions because they will be used in every topic covered this year! Parts of a Whole ISN Pages Each of the ISN pages have the students identify parts of a whole.  The first page has the students color feathers on a peacock’s tail. I’ve included a benchmark fractions table that includes the decimal form and the percent. Next, students must create a bouquet of flowers with…

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Factors Multiples ISN 2016-2017 ?>

Factors Multiples ISN 2016-2017

Factors multiples are part of my fraction review for next year’s ISN.  Everything is fresh on my mind…  I know where my students struggled and I want to get ahead of this for the next school year.  I started the ISN with intro pages for the first couple days of school.  Then I moved into a fraction review that started with prime and composite numbers. In this post, I will share my factors and multiples pages. Factors Multiples The first…

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Prime Composite Numbers ISN 2016-2017 ?>

Prime Composite Numbers ISN 2016-2017

After my ISN setup pages, I always start out with a review of prime composite numbers along with other basic information that my 7th graders should know.  (Many of them have forgotten concepts over the summer and need a refresher.)  These pages are meant as a review but also give me a chance to teach my ISN procedures. Prime Composite Numbers ISN Pages Page one is my left side entry for prime composite numbers.  I let the students work in pairs on…

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Setup Pages ISN 2016-2017 ?>

Setup Pages ISN 2016-2017

I’m in the process of setting up a new ISN for the 2016-2017 school year. In the past, I have not been happy with my ISN setup pages. I found that I spent too much time setting up the ISN and I don’t want to wait valuable instruction time with pages that students will not use throughout the year. The first pages I want the students to have in their ISN (our Math Geek Book) is the scoring rubric. Students…

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Pi Day 2016 ?>

Pi Day 2016

Happy Pi Day! I love doing things for my students and today, Pi Day, is the perfect day to do something fun!  Here is a copy of my Pi Day door sign. Pizza Pi Contest Like all middle school students, my students love to eat!  So, I offered the students a FREE pizza for the person who could recite the most digits in the number Pi.  (You will have to excuse my weird sounding voice, I have a cold. Little…

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One Step Equations Packet ?>

One Step Equations Packet

My 7th grade students are continuing their Algebra unit.  Last week, we conquered algebraic expression and reviewed what they learned in 6th grade about expressions. This week we are moving on to one step equations.  This is a review from their 6th grade year but I know my students will need this to succeed with two-step equations and multi-step equations. I always start one step equations by connecting them to the algebraic expressions my students just learned.  To do this,…

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